At bluKonsult, we help businesses and
non-profits make informed decisions

bluKonsult Global is a consulting firm that serves emerging corporates, government agencies, non-government organizations and startups. Our core area of services are Business planning, Project evaluation, Industry research, Financial planning & analysis, Cost analysis, Due diligence, Pricing strategy, Accounting services, Market entry strategy, Investment matchmaking, Investment profiling, Valuation and Startup go-to-market strategy.





Plan ahead with us. Avoid blind & ad-hoc execution. Ensure profitability.

See the business plan in numbers. Avoid getting blindsided. Manage business risk better.

Know your industry. Avoid surprises. Manage your competitive strategy better.

Get an expert evaluation of your new project. Avoid an investment that’ll destroy value.

Know how much your business is worth. Negotiate better.

Get strategic and business management help. Run your business better.

Make an informed investment by hiring us to do the due diligence legwork.

Set the right price. Get the pricing data from the market. Ensure a profitable and growing presence.


Let’s deliver the right solution for your business